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Kitten Deposit Contract

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Breeder of Family Raised Sphynx






Purchaser:____________________________ Date:______________


Phone: _______________ Email:_____________________

Kitten number:­­­­# ______                    

Sex: Male /Female_________________


Quality: Pet___ Show___ Breeder_____

Price of Kitten/Cat

Price $_______________

Deposit: $____________

Balance Due$______________

To the Buyer

 The purchaser agrees to the following:

NO HAIR THERE   requires a $500.00 per kitten/cat non-refundable deposit to reserve kitten/cat.

This deposit will go towards the total agreed upon price.

You will have 7 days to get the deposit to me .

I accept money order, cashiers check or certified bank check. We accept PayPal for deposits and payment.

Once your payment has cleared, we will hold your kitten for you . Please email us before making a deposit to confirm the kitten is available. Note - we do not guarantee your choice kitten will be available at the time of deposit clears our account .

If not, a second choice will be accepted or refund made.

If the buyer, having put a deposit on a kitten/cat, should later change their mind about the

purchase, the deposit will not be refunded. If, however, if something should happen to the





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kitten/cat before the Buyer picks up his/her kitten/cat, no hair there  Cattery will replace it with one of equal quality and value. There  are no cash refunds  made .

Buyer and Seller agree that this Agreement will be governed by the laws of the State of California  and may not be altered, modified or rescinded unless agreed to in writing by Buyer and Seller.

The undersigned agree to uphold all covenants of this Agreement as of this ___ day of _______ 20_____.

Buyer _________________________________________________________________

Seller _________________________________________________________________

Witness ____________________________________________________________

Kitten/Cat Purchase Contract

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Sales Agreement

This agreement governs the sale of the following purebred Sphynx:

Name :________________  Registration Number:____________

Date of Birth: ______________   Sex: ______________    

Eye color: __________________ Coat Color:________________

Sire:____________________ Dam:___________________

Breeders :___________________________

It is mutually understood that failure to comply with any provision of this agreement may detrimentally affect the reputation and business of


The conditions of this sale are as follows:

The kitten\cat described above is being sold as ________ qualify, for the sum of__________and the following additional considerations:

1. Buyer accepts the responsibility of caring for this kitten\cat, and will provide properly for its welfare.

2. Buyer agrees to keep the kitten\cat in a clean and pleasant environment, uncaged and with proper nutrition, health care, toys and companionship.

3. Buyer agrees that if the kitten\cat is found to be neglected or mistreated, Seller shall have the unconditional right to reclaim the kitten\cat WITHOUT refund of purchase price. Neglect shall include, but is not limited to: being left alone without human companionship for periods in excess of 72 hours; lack of proper sanitary facilities; being caged; poor diet; poor health (that is not being currently treated) and otherwise poor condition. Mistreatment shall include, but is not limited to: lack of proper food, lack of water and physical abuse.                                                                                                                                   

4. Buyer agrees that this kitten\cat may not be declawed, and understands that declawing is a mutilation and a cruelty that is likely to alter the kitten's temperament and health. Seller can not insure the temperament or health of any kitten\cat which has been declawed. Instead of declawing, the buyer agrees to keep the kitten\cats toenails trimmed regularly, and to supply the kitten\cat with proper scratching material and suitable training.




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5. Buyer agrees that this kitten was purchased as pet quality, and unless altered before sale, must be spayed or neutered before the age of seven months or pay an additional fee of $500.00 on the day following the kitten's seven month birthday, which in this case is __________________. Buyer assures and guarantees that this kitten\cat will not be used for breeding or stud.

6. Upon presentation of a veterinarians letter stating that this kitten has been spayed or neutered, Seller agrees to give Buyer the registration slip so they can register the kitten.

7. Buyer agrees that this cat will never be allowed out of doors except in a proper carrier or enclosed "run" which is protected from predators and infection from other animals.

8. Buyer agrees that this kitten\cat will always receive prompt, top-notch medical care and will never be allowed to harbor fleas or other parasites. Should medical care become necessary at any time, the buyer will bring the kitten\cat to a reputable licensed veterinarian immediately.

9. Buyer agrees that under NO circumstances will this kitten\cat EVER be sold, leased, or given to any pet shop, animal shelter, research laboratory, or similar facility. Furthermore it is agreed that transfer of possession, or care of this kitten\cat to another party may only be done with express written permission of Seller.

10. Both Buyer and Seller agree that the cat described herein is unique in character.

11. Health Guarantee: This kitten\cat is guaranteed of sound health upon delivery or arrival, and for a period of 72 hours thereafter if vetted within that time. Failure to have animal checked by a licensed veterinarian will void any guarantee. It is recommended that the new kitten\cat by quarantined during that 72-hour period.  If found to be medically deficient with an untreatable or life-threatening problem, this must be reported to the Seller immediately. Upon its return, it will be replaced with another kitten\cat of equal value when the next litter or litters are available. The Seller reserves the right to substitute a cash refund. If no replacement is available at the time of return, Seller will have tweleve months to furnish a comparable kitten\cat. The kitten\cat can not be returned for compensation after the guaranteed period has expired and\or if it has been exposed to another cat. Seller will not honor any health guarantee if this kitten dies of a virus from contact with another animal not bred at this Cattery. The Buyer agrees to provide immediate veterinary care to any kitten\cat showing signs of distress or illness or injury. Failure to do so will render the guarantee null and void. Under no circumstances is the kitten\cat to be destroyed prior to notification by the Buyer to the Seller. If a kitten\cat dies within the guarantee period, despite medical treatment, compensation or substitution will be made ONLY if a veterinarian certifies the cause of death. It is the Seller's right to ask for the kitten\cat to be returned for identification before providing a replacement or any compensation. It is further agreed by both Buyer and Seller that this guarantee of health is void if the buyer has the kitten vaccinated for FeLV or FIP in the first year of his\her life. These vaccines are very stressful to the immune system of a young kitten and are not necessary for the continued health of an indoor-only cat who doesn't have repeated contact with other cats. In the case of the FIP vaccine, it has proven ineffective against most strains of the corona viruses associated with the disease.



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12. This kitten\cat is guaranteed against congenital defects for one year. Should the animal die within that time as a direct result of a congenital defect, the cat will be replaced ONLY if an appropriate autopsy is performed (at the buyers expense) by a licensed veterinarian and a veterinarian's certificate is provided as proof of cause of death. A replacement will be made of a cat of comparable quality and value, as available, at the discretion of Seller. NO CASH REFUNDS.

Any legal action which may arise under the terms of this contract will be brought in RIVERSIDE COUNTY,CALIFORNIA. Breach of contract penalty is $500.00 per item. Buyer shall be liable for any court costs and related charges including attorney's fees associated with Seller enforcing the terms of this contract. This agreement is the entire agreement between the parties.

In signing this document, Buyer acknowledges that he\she has read, fully understands, and agrees to all of the terms and conditions of the above sale.

IN WITNESS WHEREOF, we each have signed this agreement this ___day of _____, 19___.

Signature of Buyer:______________________________

Signature of Seller:_________________________________


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